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Discover Your Real LIfe seminar and event information for Morocco.



For Real Life has partnered with SOAR for a series of conferences and events in Morocco. The journey is just beginning. Click here information on past events and to speak to Bonnie to see how you can be a part of future events, click here.


For Real life is international.  As we continue to grow closer to the world, For Real Life participated in the first of it's kind, a Young Women’s Conference in March 2018, held in Casablanca with 510 participants.  Bonnie returned to teach Discover Your Real Life the 30th Annual International Festival of the Arts held at Ben M'sik University in Casablanca in July 2018.  We returned in 2019 for the second annual Young Women’s Conference conference with 5 key note speakers and 8 workshops. Follow along with us on this journey on Instagram and Facebook.

We have some big plans for 2020. Groups are being formed for on-line mentoring meet ups, a day in Morocco for the mentors to meet with their groups and then a full day conference. Stay tuned for more information. If you would like to play a role in supporting For Real Life, the mentor group and the conference, please contact Bonnie. Non-profit status is in the final stages.


Discover Your Real Life Seminar

Get involved in bringing Discover Your Real Life to Morocco.  Contact by email Bonnie directly for the current provisional needs.

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Bonnie lee taylor

Speaker and Life Guide with 15 years of hands on leadership and counseling experience.  Bonnie saw the needs of the next generation in Morocco.

it's the people

We are all about empowering and equipping the next generation.  Through conferences and seminars Discover Your Real Life is teaching young adult Moroccans how to live on their real life adventure.