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There is something that happens in community when people share from their heart. Spoken with truth and love about today’s For Real Life experiences, dreams and celebrations. Bonnie shares dreams, hopes, removing labels and how she is stepping outside of the box to connect and be connected with others.


The Next Step

Follow Gratitude

Last week I ask you to take a step and write down three things that you were grateful for every morning.  How did that go for you?  Here are just a few of the things I wrote down last week.  I’m grateful for my God, my husband, time freedom, beautiful weather, my puppies, relaxing evenings, friends Renee, Kristie, Julie, my grandchildren.  You get the idea, your 3 grateful things don’t have to be deep, it’s whatever you are feeling that morning. 

The point of writing down what you are grateful for is to reset your mind and focus on the positive.  So many times, you might wake up thinking about all the things you have to get done during the day, it can be over-whelming, it can put you in a spot where you feel dread or fear.  Focusing on gratefulness gives your mind and heart an opportunity to see the possibilities in your life and the day ahead.

A Positive Heart

What we believe about ourselves and think about ourselves will eventually come out in our actions and how we talk.  I posted in a previous blog No Obstacles how to dream if you haven’t read that go back now and read it.  We can speak negative over ourselves or positive.  It’s a choice that we make every day.  Writing down what you are grateful for everyday makes small shifts in your mind set.  That gives us the ability to dream, to think beyond today, create a positive heart and to see the possibilities of our future.

Have you ever been around someone who has a negative spirit?  They may not even say anything; you can just feel the negative energy.  You can even feel negative energy from a social media post or a text message from someone.  Even if the post or message isn’t exactly negative you internally know, that gut feeling, that there is something negative happening. 

The same goes for a positive heart.  People will notice your positivity even if you aren’t speaking.  From a spiritual perspective we are all connected at a level we can’t even see, a spiritual level.  That’s why we are attracted to certain types of people and don’t care to be around others.  We may say we have something in common with that person but it’s much more.  For example, my husband and I are truly polar opposites but are very attracted to each other because at the spiritual level we are on the same wave length. 

The power of small shifts with positive energy of a grateful heart will begin to make a difference in your life and those around you.  I would encourage you to track how you see the changes happen.  It’s amazing over time how many people will notice too.  For example, I now have more people stating that the reason they follow me is because of positivity.  I’m not posting positive sayings or encouraging quotes, it’s the positive energy they feel.

Your Turn

Don’t stop writing down your 3 grateful things every day.  But now I want you to write down your biggest dream for your life.  Don’t worry about how it will happen, just write it down. If you want to share you can comment.  I would love to pray for you and over your dream.  If you are stuck and can’t come up with a dream for your life, keep writing down 3 grateful things.  Something will break loose.  Your heart will begin to shift, and you will begin to see the possibilities and your life dream.

Still stuck?  Contact me, I would love to guide you to Discover Your Real Life and to living your best most abundant life.

Photo by Suket Dedhia from Pexels

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