For Real Life

From the Heart

There is something that happens in community when people share from their heart. Spoken with truth and love about today’s For Real Life experiences, dreams and celebrations. Bonnie shares dreams, hopes, removing labels and how she is stepping outside of the box to connect and be connected with others.


No Obstacles


Sit for a minute and think about what you would be doing right now if there were no obstacles and you knew you couldn’t fail.  Don’t over analyze or let your thoughts go to what you would need to do first.  Just relax and dream a little.  I did that in 2017.  I started to wake up from the droning buzz of day to day living that had numbed me to the possibilities of what could be.  Interesting that I had to wake up in order to dream.  But that’s what happens to us.  We fall asleep to the possibilities of living our best life.  We forget our passions and bump along in life doing what needs to be done.  Earning a living, going to school, being a parent, taking care of family and before you know it our deep-seated passions our dreams have fallen asleep too.

No Obstacles

When you have a passion for something and it’s not happening we tend to put up obstacles that convince us living our passion isn’t possible.  For me those obstacles were money and time.  I would never have enough of either to be able to have the freedom to live out my passion.  But what if you dream without obstacles?  The sky’s the limit when you dream without obstacles.  It’s hard to imagine sometimes how you can live out your passion with nothing in your way because those obstacles seem so overwhelming.  Here’s the interesting thing, we give the obstacles their size.  For example, if money is an obstacle, we actually create the barrier to attracting money to ourselves.  We live with a scarcity mentality that tells us we will never accomplish our goal because our finances are lacking.  The opposite of that scarcity mentality is telling ourselves that we are enough, that we have is enough and people what to help us out.  Believe what you tell yourselr and it will happen.  If you believe you can’t you are right and if you believe you can you are right.  You have a choice.

For me I was waking up from what seemed like a long boring sleep and I was starting to feel again.  I felt that money would come if I stepped out in faith and did what my heart was telling me to do.  Time was my other obstacle.  I was working 50 hours a week in a job that I liked but my heart was longing to do something more.  I was in this catch-22 scenario in my mind.  The job provided the money but took all my time away.  If I left the job I would have the time, but the money would be gone.  It was scary and it was all in my mind.  For some reason I had told God that I wasn’t able to do what He called me.  Crazy right?  The God of the university had called me to do something and I’m telling Him that He’s wrong.  I would love to say that my scarcity mindset changed overnight.  It didn’t but because I was waking up, what did happen is I allowed myself to dream without the obstacles.  I began asking God and asked Him to show me the possibilities of my dream becoming a reality.

Speaking Life Over Your Dream

Something shifted in me when I saw the obstacles gone.  I began to see the dream as reality.  I began to speak life over myself and my dream.  I realized that for years I had spoken negative thoughts over myself, shoving my dream down deep.  Speaking life over yourself isn’t easy.  But I want you to think about your self-talk.  The voice in your head that tells you what to think about yourself and your dream.  Question, would you ever speak to your friend that way?  Would you ever tell your friend that they are crazy, that they shouldn’t even think about living out their passion?  Of course not, but we do it to ourselves all the time.

Your Step

What sleep are you waking up from?  Maybe you are sleeping through a life of daily routine waiting for the right time.  Maybe you find your daily life boring but have no idea what to do to make changes.  Maybe you don’t even know how to dream because life is hard and there isn’t time.

Take a step.  Look around and remember what gives your heart joy.  Sit and experience that joy even if it’s for a moment, write it down and look at what you wrote.  Read it every day and then speak it out loud.  Speaking it out loud gives it credence.  It allows you to say your dream with positivity.  The more you speak about your dream out loud there becomes this shift in your thinking and obstacles start to disappear. 

If you are looking for someone to walk with you from sleeping to dreaming to living your passion I’m here to adventure with you.  A six-session pathway to living your life dream to starting the adventure that your heart is longing to do.  Click here for more info.

Bonnie Taylor