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There is something that happens in community when people share from their heart. Spoken with truth and love about today’s For Real Life experiences, dreams and celebrations. Bonnie shares dreams, hopes, removing labels and how she is stepping outside of the box to connect and be connected with others.


How to Rest without Quitting

Lessons I have learned from self-motivation and resting when I felt like quitting.  First, quitting for me isn’t an option.  It would run against the grain of living the best life I’ve been given for my family and for myself.  Secondly, quitting only puts me back in the box that I crushed and have no desire to be back there.


When you run your own adventure or if you are basically self-employed you are the motivator of your staff.  Which is you.  Honestly, it’s not easy motivating yourself.  Conversations in my head go something like this:

“Get up and get your day going.”

“I don’t want to, let’s sleep another 30 minutes.”

“No, you are supposed to have a productive day today so get started early.”

“What does it matter if I’m productive today?  I can’t get fired.”

“Don’t be funny, get up.”

“I will in a minute and I’ll be super productive today, I promise.”

“Scrolling social media is not being super productive.”


You get the picture.  When you are the boss of your own adventure, your own life, your own business, you have to have an internal drive and motivation.  My motivation is to open adult learning centers in the very rural areas of Morocco.  I’m not sure how that will happen, but I don’t have to have it all figured out.  People on their life adventure don’t have everything figured out.  Figuring out all the details is nothing more than excuses not to start your life adventure.  You just need to move forward with what you know in the moment.  Moving forward will bit by bit reveal the next steps and the “how” for your “what”. 


Even though my motivation is very clear.  There are still days when it feels heavy or like a mystic dream and I just want to quit.  Seriously, I’m no different than any of you.  Life is hard, it takes perseverance and drive.  Chasing my life adventure, pursuing it hard every day is exhausting, and quitting can sound good in the moment.  Since quitting isn’t an option that will help me reach my goals, I’ve learned to rest.

Resting is taking time, a few hours or a day to just rejuvenate.  To refresh your spirit and your soul.  It might mean you take a break from social media.  You take a break from friends.  It might mean reading something motivational.  Do whatever it takes to rest physically, emotionally and mentally.  Figure out what it takes to rest in each of those areas then do it.  Then get back up from resting and do the next thing.

There is a danger in resting.  It can be tempting to have one day turn into two days, into three days and before you know it you’ve basically quit.  Then you beat yourself up and feel like you are starting from scratch again.  Unless you have a planned vacation, don’t rest into the quit mode.  Set a timer or a calendar reminder yourself to started again.  Whatever it takes to move from resting back to productivity.  If you know your internal motivation and you’ve rested well, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Move Forward

The whole reason for allowing yourself to rest is to move forward.  If you aren’t rested, moving forward is going to be stressful.  If you have no life adventure that is motivating you; no goals, moving forward will seem pointless.  If you don’t know why you are pursuing your life adventure, moving forward will again seem pointless.  Either way, Discover Your Real Life can help get you on the pathway.  Not starting is just staying stuck and in the box that we have been trapped in for years.

What do you need to do right now?  Do you need to rest, to write down your motivation, to set the next goal?  This is your life and your life adventure.

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