For Real Life

From the Heart

There is something that happens in community when people share from their heart. Spoken with truth and love about today’s For Real Life experiences, dreams and celebrations. Bonnie shares dreams, hopes, removing labels and how she is stepping outside of the box to connect and be connected with others.


When the Negative Voice Begins to Shout

It happened.  I was going along in my newly created life quite nicely and then one day this little voice started to tell me that I wasn’t going to be able to earn a living at what I loved to do.  The little voice started telling me all the things that could go wrong and that nobody really earns money doing what I do.  The little voice got louder and until it was shouting at me, “You can’t do this!”, “Go get a real job!”.  And to top it off, I had people in my life telling me to my face the same thing.  Not good.  Has that ever happened to you?  My heart was heavy as my mind continued to fight against the negative voice.  It was time to shut it up!

Shut Up the Voice

So how do you shut up the negative voice in your head?  Sometimes it’s as simple as finding a trusted friend who believes in you no matter what is happening in your life.  Find that friend.  The friend that is your cheerleader.  Tell them what’s happening and let them speak truth over your life.  Who is your trusted friend?  I encourage you to have more than one.  I personally have 5 people that I know believe in me and what I’m doing with my life.

Get out of your head and go do something fun.  For me, I take a walk on the beach.  It clears my head and gives me time to think.  I actually walk and talk to myself.  Which might seem strange, to people who see me, but it helps.  I hope people just think I’m talking with my Bluetooth on my phone.  But it doesn’t matter because it helps me process and remember why I do what I do.  After a nice walk, a good talk with myself I usually find the negative voice is gone.

One More Thing

There’s one more thing.  Surrender.  Not surrendering to the negative voice but surrendering to the process of you.  The process of evolving into the person you want to be.  For me, surrendering to the process of evolving has taken me on amazing adventures to Morocco, to speak to groups of people on how to discover their life purpose, to travel and enjoying my newly created life.  When you are seeking your life purpose, there comes a moment in time where you truly need to surrender over the process and begin to enjoy the journey.  Which are too different things, we sometimes forget that the act of becoming everything you are meant to be is actually a journey.  Learn to surrender and enjoy the journey.


When you will find a balance between talking with your trusted friends and having fun and surrendering to the process, what you find is the negative voices in your head will stop even trying.  Isn’t that a good thing?!  I encourage you to take time today to talk to a trusted friend, plan some fun and remember to surrender and enjoy the process.  Life is good and you are on your way.

Bonnie Taylor