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There is something that happens in community when people share from their heart. Spoken with truth and love about today’s For Real Life experiences, dreams and celebrations. Bonnie shares dreams, hopes, removing labels and how she is stepping outside of the box to connect and be connected with others.


Part II Real & Raw

What's going on?

First and foremost this is a community that is about connecting.  Remember that as you read on.  It's no surprise that what's happening now is still not completely clear.  God only gives us one step at a time.  Which makes "doing the next thing" simple.  But simple doesn't always mean easy.  For example, I've gotten stuck trying to figure out what the next step is and I've realized, I don't have to know everything.  Knowing every answer to every step of the way isn't faith.  It's just being a "know it all" and that isn't reality.  Adventures are steps of faith not clear pathways.

This is your community.  Your voice is needed to expand the stories of faith, of courage and what your real life looks like to you.  Drop us a comment and give us your stories.  Do the next thing for yourself, step into this community today and see what happens to this adventure of connecting with others.

I've also been preparing for the part of For Real Life that will connect us with the world.  Of course, the world is a big place so we are starting with a tiny piece of it but I know like this past year there are more adventures than what I can imagine.  Growing closer in our faith, to each other and the world around us makes this an adventure.

Making daily connections with people will always be an ongoing part of For Real Life.  Learning to toss around friendly smiles, like there is an bottomless pit of friendly, is how this community will grow.  I love that just the simple act of telling someone to have a great day AND making eye contact with them, changes that phase into having real meaning.  A clerk at a local store actually stopped what they were doing, smiled and said "wow, thank you, I needed that".  I don't think it's because of the simple phase "have a great day" but it's the eye contact and smile that was needed.  Being real is real life.

Realize that people are people no matter where they live is another part of what we've been learning at For Real Life.  That's about to get more real next month.  For now, other cultures right in our own back yards need to be allowed to step out of the boxes they've been stuck in.  Can you imagine not feeling like you are accepted or wanted?  Yep, I can because I've felt that way.  Well, that's not okay.  I'm older, maybe seasoned is a good way to put it, but regardless age, we all need acceptance.  Regardless of culture we all need acceptance. 

Okay, one thing that drives me crazy from an acceptance standpoint are the labels we've put on generations.  Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials.  Seriously, it's bothers me.  Does it bother you?  Maybe it's because the labels keep people stuck in a box.  That's not okay.  Let people be themselves, connect with a different generation and see what you can learn from them.  We might just be surprised in the best way.  It will be an adventure and it will be fun.  For example, the brain child behind For Real Life website is from the generation called Millennial.  She is one of the most brilliant, talented woman that I know and my connection with her has nothing to do with age but everything to do with being transparent with each other.  I love her to pieces.  Connect with her on IG @bianca_dike.

So remember this community is about connecting.  There are so many points of connection that are pouring into For Real Life right now.  Julie Sathoff, Kara Reed, Kathy Jones, Tori Hall are just a few women who have such wisdom and yes, they are all from different generations.  No one is stuck in a box when giving wisdom.  Rob Jacobs provides this community with amazing spiritual guidance.  Honestly, when I'm stuck and can't see beyond my own fears, Rob pops in with words straight to the heart of the matter.  He tells me be real, talk real, drop the "marketing lingo".  Connect with them all on IG @juliesathoff, @karalinreed, @kathy.jones316, @_torihall, @robjacobs_ You won't be disappointed by their wisdom and their life adventures that are real and sometimes very raw.

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