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There is something that happens in community when people share from their heart. Spoken with truth and love about today’s For Real Life experiences, dreams and celebrations. Bonnie shares dreams, hopes, removing labels and how she is stepping outside of the box to connect and be connected with others.


Crushing Boxes

I am creative. 

I like photography and I had a camera many years ago where I would take pictures all the time.  I have a trunk full of pictures that I’ve taken.  Not all wonderful but still I loved to take pictures.  Most recently, I had an urge to get a camera, it’s just been on my mind.  I have a great camera on my phone but I wanted to hold an “adult” camera and use the real deal.  So when I was speaking with a professional photography (re: head shots for the website) and asked her what would be an easy camera to learn on, she recommended the Cannon Rebel and without hesitation I purchased one.  It felt wonderful and exciting but it wasn’t until I was driving home after my purchase that I realized why the desire to own a real “adult” camera.  But now I know…I used to have an “adult” camera many years ago, before digital.  I don’t know why, but I had placed myself in a box that said, “Only professionals have “adult” cameras”,  “Until you can take good pictures with your phone you don’t deserve a camera.”  That was a bad box to be stuck in so, crushed it.

I like to write.  I used to write all the time.  Short stories, fiction, non-fiction, interviewing people.  At one point, I wanted to be a journalist.  Even better, tied to my love for photography, I wanted to be a photo journalist.  I purposefully took classes that required me to write papers because I like to write.  So why then do I hesitate to even write a short blog post or lay out what’s on my mind for this community of adventurers?  I was stuck in a box (and this is a big one) that said, “No one wants to hear from you, you and your life are important enough.”  Whoa.   That was a horrible box to be stuck in so, crushed it.

I can design, I have a good eye for design.  In fact, I have a degree in interior design and at one point was an architect major.  Now, how does a person with a degree in design forget that they like to design things?  I have no idea and I don’t care.  All I know is there was this voice that kept me in a box.  The voice said, “Only professionals can design, pick out paint colors, choose the right décor.”  Now that may seem trivial but it’s another thing I had forgotten and another box where I stuck.  That is a stuffy box to be stuck in so, crushed it.

Along with designing things, I can paint.  Wait, whaaaaat?!  Yes, I can paint.  Not Rembrandt or Van Gogh type of painting, more like fun, whimsical type of painting.  How I forgot this is quite strange because I have boxes of paint supplies that I’ve carted around with me move after move.  I labeled them as craft supplies which is true but it also buried my desire to express myself with painting.  The box I was in told me, “No one wants to see your silly painting it’s for kids, in fact, all your supplies should stay in a box.”  That is a boring box to be stuck in so, crushed it.

What now?

I’m on this adventure with you.  I’m still discovering things that I had forgotten about myself that I not only like to do but am good at doing.  My “what now?”, is going out to take pictures, write, design, paint or do whatever else I feel called to do.  The creative side of me is now awake.  And I am not ever going back into any of those boxes.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t new boxes that I’ll find myself stuck in, that need to be crushed but for now I’m out of these boxes.

I’m curious.

Is there something that you used to enjoy doing but maybe haven’t done in a long time?  Maybe you’ve even forgotten until now.  What is it that keeps you in the box and not doing what God created you to do?  Step out of the box, crush it, go do what you know you were created to do. 

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