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There is something that happens in community when people share from their heart. Spoken with truth and love about today’s For Real Life experiences, dreams and celebrations. Bonnie shares dreams, hopes, removing labels and how she is stepping outside of the box to connect and be connected with others.



Marching in Place

Have you ever tried to push through a situation, project or relationship and it felt like you were pushing a car up a hill?  Yes, I totally get that.  Nothing you do is going right, there is a sense that a small step forward is marching in place.  There is also nothing worse than knowing what you want to happen and not being able to get there.

Instant Pot Thoughts

I recently purchased an Instant Pot.  It’s today’s version of a pressure cooker and deemed as the cure all for making wonderful meals quickly.  It appeared to single handedly be able make meals your family, giving you beautiful Instagram pics.  Ha!  Not so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like my Instant Pot but cooking is still cooking and there is still “time” involved, it’s not quite as instant as you might think.  Life is like that.  We want the instant fix or solution.  We want people to think our way and do things our way.  When they don’t our frustrations levels run into high stress levels which leaves us stuck in one place.

Another perception about my new Instant Pot is that I would automatically have these amazing meals pop into my head and dinner would be like a 5-star restaurant.  Not so much.  I still plan, shop, wait and decide.  I still get stuck as to what to make and find that I’m out of the right ingredients so frustrations still happen.  Again, life is like that.  For some reason, we believe when we see a solution that all the pieces should fall in place.  We focus on the solution and miss the process or the journey.  Then we wonder why we are still doing the same old things with seemingly no progress.

Being Transparent

Recently, I’ve been working through a tough place of being stuck.  When the Lord gave me this vision For Real Life, there was several days, weeks and still even now times when I hear this voice say “who am I to bring community together?”  If I listen to that voice I get majorly stuck.  So, for the past couple of months I’ve been stuck with that voice, until this week.  I was reminded of a conversation that Moses had with God about going back to Egypt to free the Israelite people.  Moses got whiny with God.  He had every excuse as to why he should not be the person to do the freeing and talking to Pharaoh.  You can read the entire story in Exodus 3 & 4 but bottom line, Moses was stuck by his fear of not being good enough. 

Here’s the thing, God doesn’t call us to be good enough.  He doesn’t call us to accomplish something in His name when we are fully equipped.  He doesn’t expect us to have all the answers before we start.  When God called me to build For Real Life community I had no idea how to even start but I took a step and every day I took another step.  This week I decided to take another step.  I reached out to 9 women who are building amazing communities out there and asked them for wisdom, tips.   I put myself out there.  You know what happened?  I got responses.  Not everyone has responded but those that have, gave me such encouragement. 


What’s the root cause of being stuck?  For me, being stuck means that I turn into a whiny Moses.  I tell God all the reasons why I’m not the person for the job.  That root comes from the voice that has told me for years and years that I’m not good enough.  That voice reminds me that I have failed at other things over the course of my life so I’m not equipped or ready to lead a community like For Real Life.  I need to deal with that, I need to remember who is in charge and it’s not Bonnie.  God planted this in my heart and God will see it through to the end.  What has God planted in your heart?

Responsibility and “ish”

Getting unstuck and moving forward in life is not a quick fix.  There are points where I need to take an honest assessment of my behavior, my role and why I am stuck.   I like to call it “taking responsibility for my own ish”.  For some people this may require counseling, a support group, reaching out to an accountability person.  For me, it was seeking wise counsel from trusted friends.  Doing whatever it takes to let go and move myself forward.  It may mean letting go of a relationship, resigning that a situation or circumstance is not yours to resolve.  It could mean returning to your faith and reconciling yourself back to God.  Or maybe for the first time recognizing that your past experiences are impacting your future and doing something about that.

Whatever God is laying on your heart right now as you are reading this, I encourage you to take it serious.  Don’t ignore the next step to getting unstuck.  Do the right thing for you and do it sooner rather than later.  And know this, it will take time.  We are not Instant Pots; this will not happen overnight.  We need to do the steps, the hard steps in order to have the future that God intended for us. 

Final Thought

Is there a bit of fear, maybe your heart is racing right now when you think about getting help or about the next step?  I know that my heart raced more than once as I wrote this today.  We are here to help.  For Real Life is a community of people who are either getting unstuck or helping others along the way.  Do you have a story to share that will help others?  Contact us.  Share your story, even a story that isn’t finished yet, you never know who needs to hear encouragement from you.   


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