For Real Life




Who is For Real Life for?

We are for you, for men and women.  We are creating a space for you to be moved, inspired and connect with Jesus and with each other.  A space where you can Discover Your Real Life and find meaning and community.  This is a place where you can be real and be heard.  Learn more about us

What are we offering?

We are an adventure that is building community through the collective stories on For Real Life, a place to belong and for acceptance.  We are offering adventure for individuals to Discover Your Real Life through a unique process that will give you strategy to move forward in your life.  We offer groups, teams and business a place to develop future strategy to meet goals and create team unity.  We are building a community that includes the world.

Share your For Real Life story?

We do want to hear your For Real Life story.  More to come on that soon.

What if I'm not a Christian?

For Real Life is based on our faith and core beliefs in the Bible.  Those sharing their stories may share stories about what Jesus has done in their lives.  We also respect the beliefs of others and where people are on their spiritual journey.  You are very welcome to join this community of voices regardless of your faith beliefs.  With that said, be ready to hear about Jesus and how He has impacted the lives of those in this community.