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Why for real life?

Not sure you can relate to this but I was pretty much tired of the labels that people had placed on me and I was tired of the labels I had put on myself.  The "box" I was stuck in wasn't working anymore.  I started to think about my life and how I wanted to be real with myself and with other people.  Not in the sense of just being "authentic" (That's a word that gets thrown around and I'm not sure even those who use it are even authentic.) but to make a connection with others that accepted me for who I was, not the "label" I wore.  I want to not just be seen as an older more "seasoned" person but a person who still has dreams and ideas to be heard.  A place to be able to share in real and raw ways.

You see, For Real Life, has happened to me.  You'll hear more as time goes, how Jesus transformed my life, but the bigger picture is I know I'm not alone in how I feel.  Being stuck in a box, not feeling heard, sometimes invisible, I'm done with that.  I'm crushing boxes that have had me stuck and doing what I know I've been called to do.  I'm a gatherer and connector of people.  I love points of connections.  You know what I mean?  Those points of connections with people that make you feel heard, that make you feel like someone noticed you.

Do I have this all figured out, how this all will happen?  Nope!  What I do know is that my For Real Life and your For Real Life matter.  Jesus loves you, your voice matters, what has happened to us all matters.  So how about we figure this out together?  Let's be points of connection for each other and bring others along with us.  This adventure called For Real Life will be a place of acceptance, a place to belong, a place where labels don't exist.


For Real Life is a place to tell your story, a place to get unstuck and move forward.  What box are you stuck in?  Maybe you're still stuck in that box, that's okay.  For me, I've crushed a few boxes like "not good enough", "not smart enough" and "not old enough".  (The last one cracks me up because I'm freaking 61 years old.)  I'm sure there are more boxes to crush but that was a pretty good start for me.  What's the first box you want out of?  Step out of the box you've been stuck in, tell your story here. 

the vision

The vision is to have stories that relate to what can and has happened to each one of us.  This vision will encourage you to take a step and Discover Your Real Life. That as you Discover Your Real Life you will find a place to belong, a way to belong and an adventure along the way. All of the time, the vision is for us to grow in our faith and grow closer to each other.  Then there is this part of the vision which is to grow closer to the world.  Not sure what that looks like but I know it’s possible.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that people all over the world know each other, listen to each other and actually hear each other?  Together we will show how For Real Life happens to everyone and voices matter.

For Real Life sees how life is hard but not impossible.  This is a place to be real about what’s happened to you, a place to be accepted, a place to belong, a place to move forward and live your real life.  So, let’s crush the boxes we are stuck in and live our lives out loud, connected and full of adventure.


Meet bonnie


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Bonnie Taylor


When I discovered what I was really created to do with my life, I couldn’t have been more surprised. I knew all along that my life had been a journey but never thought of it as an adventure. Each and every experience of my life was meant to be a part of an adventure that lead me to doing what I was created to do. My desire is to do that for others.  I use my life experiences, education and the adventurer inside of me to guide others. I do have a bunch of official names from my education but my favorite names are Wife, Mom, Nonna.  I love to co-adventurer to encourage people to be the best they can be.  I’m also a public speaker, locally and internationally. I use my simple, down-to-earth style of speaking and bring my own For Real Life stories to inspire people to be who they were created to be and join in the adventure of life.

My heart is to help people come together in community where there is commonality in life, joyfulness and celebration.  I believe in community is where people can find acceptance and a place to belong.  My vision is that For Real Life becomes a space where people gather together to grow in their faith, grow closer to each other and closer to the world. My vision for Discover Your Real Life is to be that pathway where you grow, finding your real life adventure and through that find your place to belong in the world.

I am married to a wonderful man, Jeff.  My life is blessed with a blended family of 5 children, 2 grand daughters and 2 goofy Boston Terriers.  I believe with all my heart, that no matter what you believe, that God has blessings for everyone’s life.

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